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Finding You A Better Mortgage.


Borrowing and mortgaging are issues that leave us with unsettled feelings. This is because people always face embarrassing issues because of loans. To wipe this thought off, we came up with Street View South West, a platform that arranges the most ideal loans, solely considering your well-being. We are approachable and trustworthy. 


Quick Application

The first stage of the loan process is getting your applications filled and submitted. We are sure it is not going to take more than a couple of minutes.

Instant Payday Loan Options

Payday loans are one of the loans with easiest repayment options. There is almost nothing you have to do in order to make yourself eligible for payday loans.

Immediate Lending Decision

Once your application process is done, we decide on your eligibility and we will sanction your loans at the earliest.

Time management

Time management is one issue that most borrowers face. That is why we offer loan packages that come along with preset repayment schedule. This way we help you in time and money management.


Fill Out a Payday Loan Application

The process is quite simple, and the first step is to fill out the application and produce the necessary documents.

Receive a Lending Decision

Your application and loan details will be processed by our team and an immediate lending decision is taken.

If Approved,
Get Your Cash

Once the approval process is completed successfully, you are good to receive the cash across the counter or have it deposited with your banker almost instantly.


Bad Credit Loan in the UK : Loans for People with Bad Credit

loan rep

Are you in the UK? You can use a bad credit loan for various purposes. For example, if you
have a small number of unpaid debts, you may use them for debt combination, which is straightforward to administer because debt combination usually offers low-interest charges at low instalments. You can use these debt loans for poor credit UK for home improvement, education, automobile or holiday purposes.

Looking for a bad credit loan

If you’ve fallen in lousy credit net, at times, it’s possible that the bank will acknowledge your situation. The financial world has grown to the extent that banks have loans accolade each other and every conceivable state of borrowers and bad credit loans in the UK are no particular case. There’re excellent chances they have individual loans complimenting your situation. However, the distinction in the case of severe credit loan may be in the form of a
high-interest rate or additional safeness.

Secured and unsecured bad credit loans

Both the two credit loans are usually obtainable. However, a secured loan is easy to look for compared to a standard interest rate. The interest rate on a guaranteed bad credit loan can be inflated. However, it may not always be the case if the collateral value you offer is remarkably high than the amount of loan. An unsecured bad credit loan has typically an interest rate that is higher than the secured one. The refund period spreads from six to ten years. This period also depends upon the loan purpose.

Loan amount

The maximal loan amount in case of a secured credit loan is accessible up to seventy-five thousand pounds. With twenty-five years being maximum period for a refund. You may borrow an equivalent amount of up to a hundred and twenty-five percent of your collateral
value with a secured bad credit personal loan. However, unless there’s an urgent need for extra investment a bank will be more agreeable in reimbursing the equivalent loan amount for between ninety to hundred percent of the value of the property.

Searching for a bad credit loan

In the beginning, it may appear a difficult task to search for the best bad credit loan.
You may search for the loans’ agencies from newspaper ads or use a search engine web searches like Yahoo or Google. While searching its advice, you use broad phrases but the phrase should either be too broad or narrow. To search the web browser has the extra benefit of contrasting conditions and phrase of different online lenders and in just a few minutes you’ll be able to find the best loaner based on his standard. With that, to find a bad credit cash loan or a lousy credit unsecured cash loan visit Badcreditsite.co.uk.

Saving Money Tips – 8 Simple Ways to Save Money

Money is that fuel which all of us need to keep our lives running smooth. Come to think of it, it makes a lot of things easier. But all that stands true not just for you, but for the entire human kind. So your wish of being flush in cash is also shared by the person right next to you or the person you owe money to. That being said, it is extremely hard to set aside some money after taking care of all payments and debts you need to take care of. But as difficult as it may seem, it isn’t impossible! Here’s how:

Pennies from heaven

Also known as a windfall, we all receive those bonuses at work, gifts from friends, a pay raise or a tax refund. What we choose to do with it isn’t always wise though! One should make it a point to save up a portion of this cash. A savings account should be maintained as that makes it easier.

Entertainment expenses should be reduced

Try being on the lookout for knock off deals and you might get a chance to save up on the cash which you’d be spending for a couple hours of entertainment on a movie or concert. Minor league basketball games are pretty fun and cheaper, for example.

Targets for saving money

Once a target is set which you want to save for, it becomes much easier to shoot the savings arrow. It could range from down payments to early retirement that might be helpful.


While a long –term target is plenty important, it shouldn’t be second to your immediate needs. If your car has started breaking down while going for work, its better to start saving up for a new one right now!

Seasonal food saves cash

If you think that eating Rutabagas in January is cheaper than having it in October, then googling ‘Seasonal fruit list’ shouldn’t be a bad idea. It is always cheaper to choose food according to seasons as extra cost gets added to ship it from another state.

Have you tried coupons?

Everybody has those friends who throw away the coupons they make and it is not a crazy idea to have them hand those over to you. Using coupons is going to save your money for sure and most places accept them.

Try cutting those daily expenses

You might think that regular coffee from your favourite place or parcelling those chicken nuggets every once in a while doesn’t affect much. But it does and once you start wrapping your own food, you might be saving a lot of bucks unwittingly.

Rethink your transportation choices

If you drive your own car, try getting the best deal for insurance as all those companies beat themselves up to get to you. If it isn’t very necessary to drive that car to work, using public transport, walking or riding a bicycle would make a considerable difference.

Plan for Your Future: Tips for Young Professionals

For people just starting out on their career path, it gets really confusing as they get information as to what to and not to do. The brain can’t comprehend and focus on what’s important and of immediate concern and what is to be set aside for the time being. Do you start an emergency fund, buy a house or invest for retirement? The list is much longer than the aforementioned stuff and good know-how and thought is required for these young professionals to take charge of their life and future, monetarily speaking.

Planning always helps

With so many things on their plate, it gets difficult for young professionals to concentrate. The easy solution is making a plan for finances and reviewing periodically as to how it is working. You might need to make changes from time to time but that will do good in the future.

Emergency fund

The ability to tackle an emergency should always be there on the back of the mind and savings should accordingly be done. While drifting from saving is not uncommon, it is essential to keep your head clear and make those timely saving investments.

Take care of those high interest credit cards

Most of us sign up for credit cards in college or later with a minute interest rate. We later forget about it but the interest rate keeps building up and puts pressure on us. These should be paid off soon.

Use tax as a shield

Tax can actually be helpful if you think about it rationally. A discussion with a trusted financial advisor is a good idea and if you make a few payments now, a few things become tax-free once you retire.

Pay off that old debt

A debt to income ratio should always be managed and kept low. Once you pay up that old friend or acquaintance however much you owed them, it makes your hands much free in comparison to before.

Corporate retirement benefits help

You should consider yourself lucky to be working under an employer who offers a retirement account linked to your payment. This money grows tax free and with a reduced risk. Combine these sort of plans with other investments to reap the harvest later on in your life. Investing a little in equities isn’t bad either!

Student loans should be taken off the table

As soon as you get settled a little bit at your workplace, it’s a good idea to save up and wipe that student loan mark off the white board. Any loan over 8% interest rate should be cleaned from the slate as that will give you some breathing space later.

Patience helps

It is quite common to find people who give up on their resolutions but one should make sure not to get added to that long list of names. Modifying and alternating between plans is a much better solution if the situations are not how you would like them to be.

What our clients say

Never did I believe that buying loans could be as simple as this. If it was not for Street View, I wouldn't have found an ideal option to manage my finances.

Emma Cohen

I have always been scared of mortgages. The process is difficult and you will have to wait for ages to get your loan processed. But Street View South West has changed my opinion and they take speedy actions and get things done almost instantly. Thanks to them!

Rafael Alonso

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